Kaimuki Middle School... a place with heart that challenges and strengthens the mind, body, and spirit.                  Our mission is to provide a positive learning environment that meets the unique needs of adolescents and their supporters.

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March 27th to March 31st

NO SCHOOL • Monday: Kuhio Day Holiday
B6 • Tuesday: HR, 6, 2, 4 (8am-2:15pm)
B1 • Wednesday: HR, 1, 3, 5 (8am-2:15pm)
B2 • Thursday: HR, 2, 4, 6 (8am-2:15pm)
B3 • Friday: HR, 3, 5, 1 (8am-2:15pm)

SHOWCASE SUCCESS! Thanks to Our Talented & Hardworking Students

Congratulations to all of our KMS Talent Showcase 2017 participants! Our 1,000 plus audience of spirited KMS students, supportive teachers & proud parents filled the gym with applause, cheers ..and happy tears! What a Super Show! See a listing of our fabulous performers here..


Congratulations to our Kaimuki Chess Club Tournament Winners & Game Stop Gift card recipients: Zhong Yu Z. (First Place), Dristen C. (Second Place) & Makana K. (Third Place)! Great Play & Thank You to ALL tournament participants!

KMS SCIENCE OLYMPIAD Team: Congratulations on Fantastic Finish!

Our KMS Science Olympiad team comprised of fifteen students, competed for the first time this past Saturday at the State competition.. Came in fourth out of a total of seventeen teams and placed second in two of the sixteen events! With only two weeks to prepare for the six new and additional events, our students did exceptionally well.. Way to Go Voyagers!

WISH GRANTERS You Make a Difference & KMS Appreciates You!

A Very Special Thank You goes out to these thoughtful Kaimuki Middle School students, their families, and all of our supporters for their generous 'Wish List' donations! • Alvin T., Andrey T., Brayden N., Braydon P., Cameron K., Dylan T., Enzo Y., Erin M., Evan Kai A., Joshua K., Kacey M., Lana L., Lucas W., Macie H., Marvin L., Maya C., Mio S., Monica M., Nathan Y., Ren Y., Ryan K., Shane K., Sophia P., Taiga S., Teo L., Troy M., Vanessa N., Yuto K., Zack E., Zane M., Ziyun L., Mrs. Akau-Naki, Ms. Farris, Mrs. Hotoke, Mr. Constant, Mr. & Mrs. Kashiwada, Ms. Kirio, Mrs. Komeiji, Mr. Majzun, Mrs. Miike-Lee, Mrs. Nakamura, Mr. Nishi, Ms. Ogata, Mrs. Yamada, and Ms. Yukihiro • View our Teacher Wish List 'Wish Granters' listing here..!

A Great Learning Site for Students, Parents & Teachers too!

Khan Academy's materials and resources are available completely free of charge. All of the site's resources are available to anyone. It doesn't matter if you are a student, teacher, parent, or an adult returning to the classroom after 20 years.. Visit their site today!


Visit the 'OLA' Site Today! Hawaii students can obtain FREE, one-on-one math & science tutoring or writing services.. All within an online environment from UH Mānoa undergraduates! To learn more and to visit the University of Hawaii Online Learning Academy (OLA), see the attached link here..

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Upcoming Events

Prince Kuhio Day/School Closed
Date: 3/27/2017
Bibliotechie Weekly Meeting
Date: 3/28/2017, 7:30 AM 7:55 AM
Location: Library; Mrs. Hotoke
"Team Shirt Tuesday"
Date: 3/28/2017, 8 AM 2:15 PM
SAC Weekly Meeting
Date: 3/28/2017, 11:39 AM 12:42 PM
Location: C101B; Mrs. Fu
Teachers Meeting
Date: 3/28/2017, 2:15 PM 3 PM
Location: Team
Extramural Golf Team Practice
Date: 3/28/2017, 2:20 PM 3 PM
Location: Q104; Mr. Masuda
Table Tennis Club Meeting
Date: 3/28/2017, 2:20 PM 3:30 PM
Location: Q103; Mr. Jacobi
Symphonic Winds (KSW) Rehearsal
Date: 3/28/2017, 2:25 PM 3:30 PM
Location: Full Band; Mrs. Ochi-Onishi
The Booksters Club Meeting
Date: 3/29/2017
Location: 7th/8th Grade Lunch @ J106; Mrs. Al-Misky
MTSS Cohort Articulation
Date: 3/29/2017, 8 AM 2:15 PM
Location: C101B; Mrs. Kuroda
8th Grade: Grade Level Banquet Meeting
Date: 3/29/2017, 8:10 AM 9:15 AM
Location: Cafeteria; Mrs. Kumagai
Planeteer Club Meeting
Date: 3/29/2017, 2:15 PM 3 PM
Location: Green Lab; Mrs. Matsumura
Teachers Meeting
Date: 3/29/2017, 2:15 PM 3 PM
Location: Department
Symphonic Winds (KSW) Rehearsal
Date: 3/29/2017, 2:25 PM 3:30 PM
Location: Full Band; Mrs. Ochi-Onishi
Animania Club Meeting
Date: 3/30/2017
Location: 7/8th Grade Lunch @ V106; Ms. Fujimoto
Team Kulia: Quarter 3 Awards (4Rs and GLOs)
Date: 3/30/2017, 12:12 PM 12:45 PM
Location: H101; Mrs. Kumagai
Teachers Meeting
Date: 3/30/2017, 2:15 PM 3 PM
Location: Team
Extramural Golf Team Practice
Date: 3/30/2017, 2:20 PM 3 PM
Location: Q104; Mr. Masuda
Symphonic Winds (KSW) Rehearsal
Date: 3/30/2017, 2:25 PM 3:30 PM
Location: Full Band; Mrs. Ochi-Onishi
Team Hui Ho'oulu: Science Fair
Date: 3/31/2017, 8 AM 10 AM
Location: Cafeteria; Mr. Yonamine


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