Kaimuki Middle School... a place with heart that challenges and strengthens the mind, body, and spirit.                  Our mission is to provide a positive learning environment that meets the unique needs of adolescents and their supporters.
News and Announcements

February 20th to February 24th

NO SCHOOL • Monday: Presidents Day
B5 • Tuesday: HR, 5, 1, 3 (8am-2:15pm)
B6 • Wednesday: HR, 6, 2, 4 (8am-2:15pm)
B1 • Thursday: HR, 1, 3, 5 (8am-2:15pm)
B2 • Friday: HR, 2, 4, 6 (8am-2:15pm)
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ARE ANY OF THESE YOURS?? Please Come & Claim.. Today!

Students, if you recognize any of the water bottles or jackets in the attached pictures please see Mr. Cockett, our KMS Security Manager, to identify & claim! You can approach him on campus or stop by the Security Office located at the BACK of our Administration Building.. Thank You!
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REMINDER PARENTS: School Quality Surveys (SQS) Due on 3/17

7th & 8th Grade Parents & Guardians: An envelope containing a Parent School Quality Survey (paper) form, postage paid return envelope & information letter was distributed to be hand carried home with your child on Monday, January 30th. The letter and link to the 'Online Survey' option can also be viewed here..!
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WISH GRANTERS You Make a Difference & KMS Appreciates You!

A Very Special Thank You goes out to these thoughtful Kaimuki Middle School students, their families, and all of our supporters for their generous 'Wish List' donations! • Alvin T., Andrey T., Brayden N., Braydon P., Cameron K., Dylan T., Enzo Y., Erin M., Evan Kai A., Joshua K., Kacey M., Lana L., Lucas W., Macie H., Marvin L., Maya C., Mio S., Monica M., Nathan Y., Ren Y., Ryan K., Shane K., Taiga S., Teo L., Troy M., Vanessa N., Yuto K., Zack E., Zane M., Ziyun L., Mrs. Akau-Naki, Ms. Farris, Mrs. Hotoke, Mr. & Mrs. Kashiwada, Ms. Kirio, Mrs. Komeiji, Mr. Majzun, Mrs. Miike-Lee, Mrs. Nakamura, Mr. Nishi, Ms. Ogata, Mrs. Yamada, and Ms. Yukihiro • View our Teacher Wish List 'Wish Granters' listing here..!
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