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TEAM 'IKE LOA: The Real World of Math at Kahala Mall

* * * * 
The objective was for the students to gather information about their assigned Module from Go Math to learn how it applies into the real world and present their finding back in class. (It also served as a Math SBA Review for the students as well!) Students interviewed three (3) different businesses in Kahala Mall which was a great community outreach opportunity. 
A Special Thank You to each of the Kahala Mall businesses (20 in all!) that supported our project and allowed our students to 'visit' :
•American Savings Bank
•Whole Foods Market
•Starbucks Coffee
•Jamba Juice
•IL Gelato
•T and C Surf Designs
•Kuru Kuru Sushi
•Consolidated’s Kahala Theatres
•Thinker Things
•The Apple Store
•The Cookie Corner
•Taco Bell
•See’s Candies
•Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Advantage Reality
•The Face Shop
•Up and Riding
•Fun Factory

Click here to view a few of our 'Real World' photos.
-Ms. Yukihiro, KMS Teacher, Team Ike Loa