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KMS BIBLIOTECHIES Poetry Kafe 2017 a Shining Success!

Poetry Kafe 2017 Participants:

Noriko O. (Grade 8): “Trapped”

Devyn Y. (Grade 8): “Mental Prison”

Kacie H. (Grade 8): “My Pencil Grave”

Troy T. (Grade 8): “Persevere”

Starr A. (Grade 8): “Stars”

Chase A. (Grade 7): “The Owl and the Pussy Cat“

Irvin L. (Grade 8): “One Path, Two Roads“

Kody C., Micaela D. (Grade 8): “School Life”

Yukiko H., Regina L. (Grade  8): “Letter to My Friend”

Ariel T., Naiya L. (Grade 8): “Acceptance”

Emily B., Eileen L. (Grade 7): “The Garden”

Athena H., Lynette T., Nicole O. (Grade 8): “Dreams“

* * * *

A Special Thank You to the KMS Bibliotechies and their awesome advisor & our dedicated KMS Librarian, Mrs. Loraine Hotoke for organizing this spectacular event, and providing this platform for our students to shine!

Kacie L., Regina l., Miyu T., Jing Z., Reef R., Viveka L., Camille D., Kela S., Emily B., Saara C., Arianna A., Kaitlyne P., Mira T., Mandy A., Kyrstin P., and Andrew L.

* * * *
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