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School Community Council

Kaimuki Middle School Community Council (KMSCC)

Minutes of Meeting Held on October 19, 2017

in the Kaimuki Middle School Library


Representatives Present: Jo-Greta Ramos, Frank Fernandes, Corey Ajimine, Stella Lee, Nathan Yoshida, Sandi Yamagata; Absent: Keoni Dunn


Others in Attendance: Quin Li, Kelly Chun


With quorum met, the meeting was called to order at 3:13 PM. Minutes from the April 20, 2017 meeting were approved (Mr. Fernandes moved, Ms. Ajimine seconded). After introductions by everyone in attendance, the KMSCC officers were elected (Stella moved, Nathan seconded) as follows: Jo-Greta Ramos as chairperson, Corey Ajimine as vice-chairperson, and Sandi Yamagata as secretary.


After a review of the SCC by-laws, the council approved to update with this year’s members: Mr. Fernandes (Principal); Mrs. Ramos (Classified staff); Mrs. Ajimine and Mr. Dunn (Certificated staff); Stella Lee and Nathan Yoshida (Student Representatives, Grades 8 and 7, respectively); Mrs. Yamagata (Parent); and Community Representative to be announced.


Mr. Fernandes conducted the SCC orientation, explaining the background and primary functions of the SCC (review and approve the academic and financial plans and the power to request waivers from policies or exceptions to contracts when those waivers or exceptions benefit the school). Indicating an interest to request a waiver to the current geographic exceptions (GE) policy where applications are due by March 1 and decisions are made and communicated in April, Mr. Fernandes asked that the SCC consider a change to a two week turnaround so decisions can be communicated to parents in mid-March. Discussion of the GE rules followed (they are enforced for student’s career at the school and if student moves, s/he must update the home address only; if a student in district moves out during the year, s/he can apply for a GE to remain at the school).


There being no questions or concerns, the date for the next meeting was set for Thursday, November 16, 2017. The council approved a change in the meeting time to start at 3:00 PM (Stella moved and Nathan seconded).


Chairperson Ramos adjourned the meeting at 4:18 PM noting that a good point was that everyone participated.





Meeting Agenda


Date:   Thursday, November 16, 2017

Place: Kaimuki Middle School Library

Time:  3:00-4:00 PM



  1.       Approval of minutes from previous meeting  
  2.       Signing of revised by-laws
  3.       Waiver for Geographical Exception Process
  4.       Presentation of school data
  5.       Questions and concerns
  6.       Meeting review – good points and areas to improve



First Community Meeting


Date:   Thursday, November 16, 2017

Place: Kaimuki Middle School Library

Time:  4:00 PM


Presentation of school data to the public




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