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Stop Flu at School (SFAS) Program

A DOH memo sent to schools includes the following:
The Department of Health recognizes that many families relied on the Stop Flu at School program as a free and convenient way to vaccinate their children. Parents are encouraged to have their children vaccinated for the flu by their healthcare provider. DOH also offers the following guidance:
· Parents/guardians of school-aged children, especially children that may have other health conditions that place them at higher risk for serious complications due to influenza illness, may wish to speak with their child’s physician about receiving the flu vaccine in their office.  Most health insurance plans cover the cost of recommended vaccines. Check with your insurance provider for details of coverage.
· Children ages 11 years and older can now be vaccinated in pharmacies with a prescription from their healthcare provider. The Department encourages families with older children to visit pharmacies for influenza vaccinations for adolescents and parents alike. To view information regarding pharmacies that offer influenza vaccinations, please access the online Hawaii Vaccine Locator at: http://health.hawaii.gov/docd/vaccines-immunizations/vaccine-locators/. Parents are encouraged to call pharmacies before presenting for vaccination to ensure vaccine availability and verify any age or insurance coverage restrictions.
Although DOH is not able to offer a SFAS clinic to your school this year, we do wish to remain partners and collaborate with your school regarding communicable diseases and their prevention, with the aim of assuring the health of our community. The Department of Health will explore further public-private partnership opportunities with the hope of reinstating broad SFAS program coverage in the future.