Important Re-Accreditation News:

We are excited to welcome and share our story with our WASC visitors, and to hear their feedback, with the aim of helping the KMS learning community continue to grow and thrive.


In order to maintain this re-accreditation "seal of approval", every six years we undergo a deep process of self-reflection. We are given several in-depth questions ranging from our approach to teaching and learning to our safety procedures, curriculum, classroom instruction, assessment, student support strategies, our use of data, and everything in between.


For the past year, we have been meeting in various groups to review the self-study questions, conduct classroom observations and interviews, and analyze and consolidate six years of data and dozens of supporting documents into our self-study report. While the process is a daunting task at times, it offers us a meaningful opportunity to articulate our progress, identify strengths and need areas, and to reflect on the past six years as we plan for the future.


In the coming weeks, we will be thoroughly reviewing our self-study, as well as meeting with various key constituents of our school, including a volunteer group of parents (more on this to come)!


We have been awarded the highly sought after six-year accreditation, multiple times over successive years. Our last full self-study visit was in 2013. I have confidence again this year that the WASC will see the work of our excellent students, faculty, and staff, and will confirm that we practice what we say we do and that we successfully do it at a high level.


Laurie Yogi

WASC Self-Study Coordinator