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Some points to remember:

Pedestrian Tips for Drivers
1. Be prepared to stop when approaching a crosswalk.
2. Look for pedestrian movement in your direction.
3. Yield to pedestrians entering, in, or exiting crosswalks.
4. Be aware that pedestrians can be hidden from view by stopped vehicles on multi-lane streets.
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October 24th is National Unity Day!

As part of National Bullying Prevention Month, Wednesday, October 24th is our chance to spread a message of hope and support! Our KMS `Ohana will be doing our part - WEARING ORANGE - to Unite for Kindness, Acceptance, and Aloha! Read on...
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Dear Parents/Guardians:

At approximately 8:20 am., Wednesday (10/17/2018) morning, school personnel reported seeing smoke coming from the neighborhood. The Honolulu Fire and Police Departments responded to what was determined to be a fire and apparently had it under control in minutes.
Although our school was not in imminent danger, smoke did make its way over a portion of our campus. The smoke soon dissipated.
I want to inform you all of this occurrence and that school personnel did take procedural steps to maintain the safety of students and staff.

Thank you!
Frank Fernandes, Principal.
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Dear Parents/Guardians:

"Be Cool and Keep our School Safe" is our annual statewide campaign to remind you and your child/children of the consequence for a firearm violation.
Please see attached letter for more information.
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The Aloha Pledge Is Here At KMS

Ruby and Rella, our favorite duo on our Advisory Morning Broadcast, as well as the Administration, introduce The Aloha Pledge: A pledge to be respectful and create a place with heart. Find out more about what our students are doing...
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