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Tardy Center

Tardy Center & After School Detention: Effective March 29, 2016

Attention KMS Students & Parents:
Please read the notification below from Vice Principal Nishi regarding the changes/additions being made and implemented to our Kaimuki Middle School discipline plan. Thank You.
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Changes to Unexcused Tardy Consequences (P. 7 in Planner):

1 – 2 Tardies: Student will be counseled and reminded that repeated tardies result in going to the Tardy Center.
3 – 5 Tardies: Student will report to the Tardy Center in P-105 (2:15 to 2:45). Parent notified.
6 – 9 Tardies: Referral created; Tardy Center or After School Detention. Parent notified.
10+ Tardies: Referral to VP; Administrative action. Parent Notified.
Students will start each quarter with zero tardies. However, their cumulative tardies will still be reflected in the official attendance record.


This Chapter 19 disciplinary action involves community service such as campus beautification and clean-up activities after school Monday through Friday from 2:15 pm to 3:00 pm. Students may be assigned after school detention for but not limited to Class C or D offenses, repeated minor Ch. 19 offenses, repeated tardies to school, etc.

It is our top priority to provide a safe, secure, and orderly learning environment that teaches and acknowledges proper behaviors.

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