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Behavior Program


The KMS Behavior Program sets forth common expectations and consequences. This program enables us to:

  • Challenge and strengthen students to display appropriate behavior
  • Be mindful of students’ academic, emotional, social and physical needs
  • Ensure the primacy of learning in each of our classrooms


  • Follow the 4Rs: Respect, Responsibility, Resiliency, Relationships
  • Be on time to class
  • Have appropriate and necessary supplies for learning
  • Engage in classroom behavior that does not interfere with instruction and learning
  • Follow teacher directions
  • No eating and drinking in class, only with teacher permission
  • Bringing/chewing gum on campus is prohibited


  • Warning issued
  • Correction and conference with student
  • Demerit assigned (Tier 1 or Tier 2)
  • Counseled by teacher, counselor, and parent notified.
  • Referral issued for the following: (1) Not clearing late demerit with teacher; OR (2) Severity/persistence of misbehavior
  • Students are still responsible to clear demerit(s) with the teacher if referral is written
  • Referral consequences may include but not limited to: Detention (Recess, Lunch, or After School), In-School Suspension
  • Loss of privilege to attend monthly Team Recognition
  • Loss of privilege to attend Quarterly SAC Recognition

Demerits may be issued for the following:

Tier 1 - Behavior that interferes with instruction/learning, which include but are not limited to: Tardy to class, not prepared for class, eating and drinking in class without teacher permission, chewing gum.

•Tier 1 Demerits = 15 minutes with the teacher; One Demerit added to the monthly/quarterly total.

Tier 2 - Not attending to teacher directive and/or inappropriate behavior, insubordination, repeated misconduct and/or severe misconduct.

•Tier 2 Demerits = 15 minutes with the teacher; Two Demerits added to the monthly/quarterly total.

Students are expected to remove all assigned demerits within 3 calendar days and make prior arrangement with teacher. Time spent with the teacher may include classroom/campus service, student/teacher counseling, or other teacher directive.  However, if a student receives demerits in the last week of the tracking period, those demerits must be worked off before the end of the tracking period. For example, if a student received a demerit on Tuesday and the tracking period ends on Wednesday, the student must remove the demerit by Wednesday.

  • Students begin each tracking period (monthly/quarterly) with a demerit count of zero.
  • Students can still attend a monthly recognition activity planned by the Teams if the student has kept his/her demerit total for the tracking period to no more than 5 demerits and cleared all assigned demerits on time.
  • Students can still attend a quarterly recognition activity planned by the Student Council if the student has kept his/her demerit total for the tracking period to no more than 10 demerits, cleared all demerits, and has not received a demerit-related referral within the quarter. (Updated May 2017)


Students who receive even ONE day of In-School and/or Out-of-School Suspension will NOT be able to attend the monthly and quarterly recognition activity.


KMS Recognition Program

The KMS Recognition Program acknowledges students for meeting our school/classroom expectations by the attendance or participation in Team Recognition Events/ Activities, along with Quarterly Schoolwide Recognition Events/ Activities. This program enables us to utilize a caring, positive approach consistent with a place with heart


Recognition Schedule

Monthly Team Recognitions (Teams Responsible) shall take place during Mid-Day Homeroom period. Quarterly Schoolwide Recognitions (SAC Responsible) shall take place shortly after the recognition period or near the end of the recognition period (Quarter 4).


Team Recognitions may include:

  • Extra credit course points
  • Field play, special treats, refreshments
Schoolwide Recognitions may include:
  • Talent Show, school dance, concert
  • Games, sports activities