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Student Services

Counselors assist students in areas of academic, social college/career and personal guidance. Students and parents are encouraged and invited to seek counseling services. Teachers may refer students to the counselor for follow-up concerns. Students who want to see their counselor should make an appointment or get a pass from their teacher. Conferences with your child's counselor are available by appointment.  Conferences with teachers may also be arranged through your child's counselor.
Course Offerings
Title IX requires that "Course requirements of other education activities may not be provided separately on the basis of sex, nor may participation therein be refused on such basis. Included are health, physical education, industrial education, vocational, technical, home economics, music, and adult education courses."
Library Services 
The library is open from 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily except when the library closes for faculty meetings, special events, or our librarian is not available. The library supports the different areas of the school curriculum through the library book collection, magazines, and electronic sources. Students may borrow most materials for a maximum of 2 weeks, and may renew items once. Students also have access to magazines, newspapers, and internet. Students must pay for any lost or damaged materials. All overdue notices are sent via homerooms. 
Lost and Found 
All lost articles are to be turned in at the security office. Students should check for lost articles and claim the same with proper identification. 
Program Changes
Since the school master schedule of teaching assignments is developed on the basis of courses selected by students at the time they register, it is important to give careful consideration to electives. You are reminded that you are making your final selection for your electives. Once the students' schedules are made, students should be prepared to stay with their choices.
School Broadcast 
All homerooms receive schoolwide announcements through closed-circuit television broadcasts. In addition, an Advisory Program is also broadcasted on a weekly basis. 

School Food Services 
Each student will be issued a student identification/meal card at the beginning of the school year. Each card will include the student’s picture, name, and barcode representing his/her unique personal identification number (PIN). Food (including home lunch) is to be eaten in the dining hall. We cannot provide for advanced sales of breakfast and lunch.
Student meal eligibility status is kept confidential at all times and will not be identified on the individual student card. Free and reduced lunches are provided to families who meet federal criteria. Applications must be filed each school year with the main office or through School Food Services.
Special Education Program
Kaimuki Middle School believes in allowing each student to develop to his/her fullest potential within the general education curriculum. Special Education provides specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of certified students who require an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) plan. Participation in this program will vary for each student, and is dependent upon his/her intermittent, targeted, sustained or intensive support services. The Community-Based Instructional Program (CBI) provides students needing to develop independence from caretakers, the opportunity to reinforce the practical application of daily functional living skills.
Telephone Use 
Students with permission during recess, lunch, before and after school may be allowed to use the counselors' telephones for emergency purposes only. Parents and students are to make arrangements for after school activities beforehand.