Policies & Guidelines » Lockers



We ask that students comply with the following Kaimuki Middle School Locker Rules:

  1. Students will provide their own number/letter COMBINATION locks. No key locks are to be used.
  2. Locks will be put on chosen/assigned lockers. Unused lockers will be secured by the school.
  3. Due to safety and health concerns, the school reserves the right to open lockers.
  4. Possessions of value will not be stored in lockers.
  5. Food items will not be stored in lockers overnight.
  6. Contraband and unlawful items that are prohibited on campus, will not be stored in lockers.
  7. To prevent theft and misunderstandings, students will not share their locker combinations and/or lockers with other students. Students caught sharing lockers or combinations will lose their locker privileges. Those who enter another student’s locker will lose their locker privileges as well.
  8. The school is not responsible for items taken from a locker.
  9. If students physically abuse their lockers, they will receive a warning and/or may lose the privilege of using a locker.  Should abuse occur, students will pay for the cost of restoring the locker to its original condition.
  10. Students will remove the contents of their locker and lock by the last day of the school year or their locks will be cut and contents removed and donated, where possible.
  11. Student lockers will remain locked, unless being accessed by the user.
  12. Lockers can be accessed:
  • Five (5) minutes before the first bell and after school
  • First five (5) minutes right after recess and lunch begins
  • Last five (5) minutes right before recess and lunch ends
  • During passing time 
  • With teacher permission during class time
    13. There is no loitering near the lockers; use the locker and go.