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Technology Responsible Use Guidelines (TRUG)

Each student and his or her parent(s)/guardian(s) must review the Technology Responsible Use Guidelines Relating to HIDOE-owned or Leased Digital Devices, Network, and Internet Services (TRUG), and sign this Agreement Form before being assigned/granted access to digital devices and internet/network services, including online educational services. (See attached file below)
Basic Guidelines for Computer Usage
  • Students must have current TRUG form (TRUF)  with full agreement on file.
  • Internet usage is limited to educational purposes only.
  • User may not transmit any personal information on the Internet.
  • User may not access personal email, social or Internet sites needing logins.
  • User may access their school issued Google Drive account.
  • No tampering with network or hardware, this includes downloading/installing software; intentional deletion or unauthorized access to files.
  • User must follow all copyright laws.
  • User who abuses computer privileges may lose access to all computers on the Kaimuki Middle School campus and receive Chapter 19 consequences.
• • •

TRUG/TRUF guideline/form attached below: