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Emergency Card
The emergency card is very important in case a parent/guardian needs to be immediately contacted. 
  • Be sure to list three additional contacts that are authorized to pick student up from school in case parent/guardian cannot be reached.
  • Please notify the school of any changes, especially phone contact updates.

Student Health Record
Keep student health records up to date by informing our school health aide of any additions such as TB tests, physicals, and/or immunizations.
Current physical for the school year must be on file for student to participate in KMS extramural sports. Completion of the HepB, MMR and Varicella immunizations are required for Grade 7 entry.

After an absence of five or more days due to illness or injury, or if student has medical restrictions from a physician, student is to report to the health room before school begins with a written statement from a doctor indicating the illness, the treatment, and directions for follow up and activities. (Without a doctor's note, student absences are considered unexcused.)
If the student becomes ill or injured during class, he/she should get a pass from that period’s teacher to go to the health room. If injury or illness occurs during recess, before or after school, the student should report directly to the health room or main office.

Non-Admission of Ill Students
If sick, please keep student at home. If fever is 100 degrees or above, do not return to school until fever has subsided for at least 24 hours without medication. We are concerned with the health and well being of the student as well as the other students in the classroom.

ALL medications including over the counter medications brought to school must be stored in the health room and must be accompanied with a completed and signed authorization form (PHN/SH 36). Over the counter drugs are not allowed to be taken by or given to a student without clearance from our school health aide.