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School Community Council

Kaimuki Middle School Community Council (KMSCC)



Aloha! Our School Community Council (SCC) is made up of our principal, teachers, staff, students, parents and volunteer community members who contribute their time and expertise to help make KMS the best school it can be! We are very grateful to those who serve and have served over the years!
The SCC's purpose is to support the vision and mission statement of Kaimuki Middle School through advising the principal on specific matters that affect student achievement and school improvement. An important role of the members who serve on the Council is to help us craft and approve our annual Academic and Financial Plans. If you're interested in joining our SCC please email our principal, Mr. Frank Fernandes through our website email portal or contact by phone at 733-4800.
A copy of our most recent Financial and Academic Plans can be found on our Community Engagement page.




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